The Sarah Elizabeth Klenke Memorial Teaching Scholarship was established to help students interested in entering the educational field achieve their goal .

Sarah Elizabeth Klenke

(1981-2001) From the time she was small, Sarah Elizabeth Klenke had been like the Pied Piper of every neighborhood she had ever lived in. Within days of her arrival, she had every child knocking at her door wanting her to come out and play.

The daughter of a military officer, most of her high school years were spent in Germany. There, she was very active within the community, worked at the local day care facility in the high school work study program, and delighted in driving her teachers crazy. Sarah especially loved JROTC and softball.

In fact, those things were some of the only parts of high school she liked. Almost everything else was something to get through so she could get on with her life.

Sarah had had hoped to take this background and these strengths and become an elementary education teacher.

Sadly, Sarah was 19 years old and ready to enroll in college , when she was killed in a car accident.

As we, her family, prepared for her funeral, we searched for a way to keep her dreams alive. The scholarship was set up by us, funded by friends and family and is intended to help some other deserving young adults achieve the goal of becoming teachers.

Updated: Sun, 03/22/2015
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